VMware NSX Update on Software Gone Wild

A few months ago VMware launched NSX version 6.2, and I asked my friend Anthony Burke to tell us more about the new features. Not surprisingly, we quickly started talking about troubleshooting, routing problems, and finished with route-health-injection done with a Python script. The end result: Episode 50 of Software Gone Wild. Enjoy!


  1. If I understand Cross-vCenter NSX correctly... one of the use cases is to deploy this across multiple sites (data centres). One caveat that wasn't mentioned is that you can deploy your NSX controllers only at site where the primary NSX manager is present. Is it only me thinking that having control plane only in one data centre is not very good idea?
    1. Totally agree. It's extremely bad idea... effectively the whole NSX domain remains a single failure domain. No surprise there, but it's definitely not nice (or useful).
  2. I am agree with having NSX controllers in cross vCenter deployment distributed between DC/Sites is better, but I don't understand the statement that "whole NSX domain remains a single failure domain" because the 3 NSX controllers are deployed in the site with primary NSX manager
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