Single Source of Truth (SSoT) in Network Automation

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Single source of truth (SSOT) in network automation refers to a centralized and authoritative data repository that holds all the information required for network management and operation. It ensures that every network device or system uses the same accurate and up-to-date information to perform its tasks, eliminating inconsistencies and errors caused by outdated or conflicting data. SSOT enables efficient and reliable network automation by providing a unified view of the network and allowing for quick and informed decision-making.

ChatGPT explaining SSoT

Not too bad for a statistical model that has no idea what it’s talking about, right? Now for the crucial question: how exactly should one reach that holy grail?

Implementation Details

Ready for a deep dive into the interesting details? Off we go…

Sample Solutions

Want a few success stories? Here we go:

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More Information

You’ll find more details in the Single Source of Truth part of Network Automation Concepts webinar.

Several presenters in the Building Network Automation Solutions online course implicitly described how they built the single source of truth when describing their automation solutions: