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CI/CD in networking is a process that helps ensure networking configurations are continuously integrated and deployed in a safe and efficient manner. This involves using automated tools to check the networking configurations for errors and misconfigurations before deploying them to the network infrastructure. If issues are found, developers are alerted to make the necessary fixes. This process helps to prevent network downtime, improve network reliability, and ensure that users have a seamless experience.

ChatGPT explaining CI/CD in networking

What Exactly Is CI/CD?

Interested? Let’s start with the fundamentals:

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Testing, Validation, and Tools

If you want to automate source code integration and deployment, you have to ensure that the changes you’re making to your existing codebase won’t break it. Testing and validation are thus the crucial elements of CI/CD pipelines:

Here are a few tools you might find useful:

Sample Solutions

Several attendees of Building Network Automation Solutions online course used CI/CD pipelines in their automation solutions. Some of those solutions are published on GitHub, giving you a glimpse into working code:

I also blogged about these CI/CD solutions:

More Information

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