Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

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EIGRP was the best choice for an interior gateway protocol in late 1990s – it was fast, efficient, and easy to deploy. OSPF and IS-IS implementations improved in the intervening 30 years, slowly turning EIGRP into a forgotten technology.

On a more serious note, I wouldn’t deploy EIGRP in new network designs for compatibility reasons (no major networking vendor apart from Cisco implemented it), and I’d use BGP in designs where a single router has to deal with hundreds of adjacent routers (the only scenario where EIGRP still outshines OSPF and IS-IS).

While the ultimate sources of EIGRP wisdom remain the EIGRP Network Design Solutions Cisco Press book and RFC 7868, you might want to read these articles and blog posts describing EIGRP implementation details and deployment guidelines.

The Basics

Implementation Details

EIGRP Deployment Scenarios