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Regardless of what anyone is telling you, reliable distributed systems aren’t simple. I would strongly recommend you take time and read at least some of these documents first:

Fallacies of Distributed Computing

We covered the fallacies of distributed computing in How Networks Really Work webinar:

Distributed Systems in Software-Defined Networking

Wonder how these concepts apply to Software-Defined Networking? Any network is a distributed system, and when you add an SDN controller, it becomes a tightly-coupled distributed system. I explained the implications in a few blog post:

Distributed Systems in Network Devices

You might also encounter distributed systems in high-end network devices. I described a few implementation gotchas in these blog posts:

OpenFlow Controllers

Here are some older blog posts focusing on (now mostly obsolete) OpenFlow and OpenFlow-based SDN controllers. I’m including them here because I firmly believe we SHOULD learn from past mistakes:

More Details

Need even more details? You’ll find them in these webinars (available with Standard ipSpace.net Subscription):