Getting Comfortable with the Command Line

More than a dozen years after the SDN brouhaha erupted, some people still haven’t got the memo on the obsolescence of CLI. For example, Julia Evans tries to make people comfortable with the command line. Has nobody told her it’s like teaching COBOL?

On a more serious note: you OUGHT TO master Linux CLI and be comfortable using CLI commands on network devices and servers. Her article has tons of useful tips and is definitely worth reading.

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  1. Ivan, speaking of CLIs I'd love to get your take on Nile (preferably on video so I can watch your head explode).

    1. Nile as in the magical NaaS product? That's easy -- no public product documentation, no comment/opinion.

    2. It is weird that Nile and Pensando are willing to give detailed presentations at Field Day but they don't have any public docs. The obvious explanation is that the product doesn't work...

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