netlab 1.6.1: BGP Reports, Markdown Support

We added just a few small features in netlab release 1.6.11:

  • Markdown reports: netlab report command can produce Markdown-formatted reports, making it extremely easy to include them in your documentation (assuming you’re using Markdown to write it)
  • If you’re using BGP in your labs, you can generate reports on BGP autonomous systems and BGP neighbors.
  • I made locations of default files configurable. I’m using this feature in large projects where I want to have a shared set of project-wide defaults for topologies stored in different directories.


To get more details and learn about additional features included in release 1.6.1, read the release notes. To upgrade, execute pip3 install --upgrade networklab.

New to netlab? Start with the Getting Started document and the installation guide.

Need help? Open a discussion or an issue in netlab GitHub repository. There’s also a netlab channel in networktocode Slack team, but you will get faster response time reporting your challenges in GitHub.

  1. To be honest, I had to push it out in a hurry because I forgot to include the netlab show help file in Python package. ↩︎

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