Worth Reading: On ChatGPT

One of the best descriptions of what ChatGPT does and what it cannot do I found so far comes from an ancient and military historian. The what is ChatGPT and what is an essay parts are a must-read, the preparing to be disrupted conclusion is pure gold:

I do think there are classrooms that will be disrupted by ChatGPT, but those are classrooms where something is already broken.

I can’t help but think of the never-ending brouhaha about exam brain dumps.

Likewise, poorly designed assignments will be easier for students to cheat on, but that simply calls on all of us to be more careful and intentional with our assignment design

Not surprisingly, I wrote about that in 2018 (when I still cared about industry certifications).

I will confess every time I see a news story about how ChatGPT supposedly passed this or that exam, I find myself more than a little baffled and quite concerned about the level of work being expected in those programs.

Yeah, writing good exam questions is hard work.

Final icing on the cake: comparing the current state of AI research (we don’t know how brain works, so let’s fake it till we make it) with alchemy. Priceless.


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