Sample Lab: RSVP TE on Junos

It’s amazing how creative networking engineers become once they have the basic tools to get the job done a bit quicker. Last week Pete Crocker published the largest topology I’ve seen built with netlab so far: a 13-router lab running RSVP TE to transport IP traffic between external autonomous systems1.

Lab topology

Lab topology

I particularly like the simplicity of building and configuring this lab:

  • The topology file is as simple as it can get. netlab takes care of IP addressing, Vagrant configuration file and Ansible inventory.
  • netlab configures interfaces, IP addresses, IS-IS, and BGP on over a dozen platforms (including Junos). All Pete had to create was a simple configuration template containing just a few lines (increase MTU, enable MPLS, enable MPLS TE).

Interested? Read Pete’s instructions or start with netlab installation guide and tutorials.

  1. I couldn’t start it on my meager Intel NUC with 32 GB of RAM and 8 cores; maybe it’s time to start labbing on AWS. ↩︎


  1. Here's the same topology running IS-IS + Segment Routing/SPRING by way of comparison vs RSVP-TE:

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