Sample Lab: SR-MPLS on Junos and SR Linux

Last week I published a link to Pete Crocker’s RSVP-TE lab, but there’s more: he created another lab using the same topology that uses SR-MPLS with IS-IS to get the job done.

Jeroen Van Bemmel did something similar for SR Linux: his lab topology has fewer devices (plus SR Linux runs in containers), so it’s easily deployable on machines without humongous amount of memory.

SR Linux, Cumulus VX, and Extreme Virtual EXOS are the only network operating systems I’m aware of that you can download in a ready-for-use format without registration. Anything else? Please write a comment.

Even better, SR Linux and Cumulus VX are available as ready-to-run containers; Cumulus VX is also available as libvirt and VirtualBox Vagrant box. All you have to do to get the lab up and running is:

  • Install the prerequisite software (docker, containerlab, netsim-tools)
  • Copy topology.yml into an empty directory
  • Execute netlab up

Downloading device images from most other vendors requires registration followed by arcane incantations to build a Vagrant box or container image.

Want even more platform options? Here’s another topology using Cisco CSR and Arista vEOS.

The beauty of all these solutions: SR-MPLS is one of the standard netsim-tools modules, and getting it configured in your lab is as easy as adding sr to the module list.

Release History

Images for Extreme Virtual EXOS are available on GitHub


  1. Ready to use images for the ExtremeXOS network operating system are officially available via GitHub without any registration, too:

    1. Thanks a million for the pointer!

      A recipe that translates their QCOW2 disk image into a Vagrant box and/or the basics to make it usable with netsim-tools would be most welcome!

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