Git as a Source of Truth for Network Automation

In Git as a source of truth for network automation, Vincent Bernat explained why they decided to use Git-managed YAML files as the source of truth in their network automation project instead of relying on a database-backed GUI/API product like NetBox.

Their decision process was pretty close to what I explained in Data Stores and Source of Truth parts of Network Automation Concepts webinar: you need change logging, auditing, reviews, and all-or-nothing transactions, and most IPAM/CMDB products have none of those.

On a more positive side, NetBox (and its fork, Nautobot) has change logging (HT: Leo Kirchner) and things are getting much better with Nautobot Version Control plugin. Stay tuned ;)

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  1. I've done the same but I then use that same YAML data to feed directly into NetBox. The NetBox API is incredibly powerful and allows you to codify the processing of device data to stop the manual entering of information in the GUI while ensuring that the data is there in the GUI for all other teams in the business.

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