StackStorm 101 on Software Gone Wild

A few weeks ago Matt Oswalt wrote an interesting blog post on principles of automation, and we quickly agreed it’s a nice starting point for a podcast episode.

In the meantime Matt moved to StackStorm team so that became the second focus of our chat… and then we figured out it would be great to bring in Matt Stone (the hero of Episode 13).

Of course we started with the principles of automations, couldn’t resist mentioning the Phoenix Project and then began to explore StackStorm:

  • What is it and why would I use it?
  • What are StackStorm sensors and actions, and how can you write one... which brought us to concept of StackStorm packs
  • StackStorm installation complexity and what the development team is doing to make it more manageable
  • How simple (or not) it is to write a StackStorm pack
  • Who uses StackStorm and why?
  • What can you do with StackStorm in networking today?
  • What's the difference between StackStorm and Brocade Workflow Composer?
  • Where can you download the software from and how can you get in touch with the StackStorm developers?

Interested? Listen to Episode 67 of Software Gone Wild.

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