Streaming Telemetry with Avi Freedman on Software Gone Wild

Remember my rant how “fail fast, fail often sounds great in a VC pitch deck, and sucks when you have to deal with its results”? Streaming telemetry is no exception to this rule, and Avi Freedman (CEO of Kentik) has been on the receiving end of this gizmo long enough to have to deal with several generations of experiments… and formed a few strong opinions.

Unfortunately Avi is still a bit more diplomatic than Artur Bergman – another CEO I love for his blunt statements – but based on his NFD16 presentation I expected a lively debate, and I was definitely not disappointed.


  1. lol, I remember testing stackables in development at HP. I fail a master, switch 2, in a ten switch stack, and the standby takes over and it's now a 9 switch configuration, and the master is switch 7. It was a challenge in test, even with the ASIC architect a 30 second walk away, just to determine the test criteria in the lab... did this system do what was expected? We mostly relied on the Spirent counters, because in the lab, we had strict visibility of 100% of the traffic at the ends. This is the first time I'm imagining the poor ops guy in front of a dashboard trying to figure out wtf just happened based upon streaming telemetry in that scenario.

  2. This is horrible in so many ways : (( Fortunately I never had to deal with stackable monstrosities.
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