Every Product Needs to Scale… to a Point

Long time ago in a podcast far far away Greg and Ethan pondered whether networking solutions need to scale or not, and obviously one cannot disagree with their generic conclusion that enterprises need just-good-enough solutions and not Google-scale architectures.

However, do keep in mind that:

In any case, the right answer (as always) is it depends, and if you want to go beyond that (and you should) you have to:

BTW, following this process might make you worthy of having the architect or engineer job title. Buying an enterprise product because you trust your beloved $vendor makes you a consumer.

Getting hands dirty

Are you building a new data center and trying to figure out which vendor to go with? You’ll find an overview of potential requirements to consider and fabric architectures in the Data Center Fabrics webinar. Prefer a more interactive approach? You’ll get plenty of that in the Building the Next-Generation Data Center online course.

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