New Webinar: BGP-LS and PCEP

I was often asked about two emerging technologies that enable standard controller-based WAN traffic engineering: BGP-LS to extract the network topology and PCEP to establish end-to-end tunnels from a controller.

Unfortunately, I never found time to explore these emerging technologies and develop a webinar. However, after Julian Lucek from Juniper did such a great job on the NorthStar podcast, I asked him whether he would be willing to do a deep dive technology webinar on the two technologies and he graciously agreed to do it.

Even better, because Julian is working for a vendor he decided that the webinar should be free, so all you have to do to attend it is to register on this page.


  • Don’t worry about Julian working for a vendor; the presentation will focus on technology aspects of BGP-LS and PCEP, not on specific products;
  • I you don’t know why you should care about the two technologies read this post (and the comments) and listen to Software Gone Wild Episode 43.


  1. What would be the recommended knowledge to attend this weminar? Would basic familiarity with BGP and SDN be OK? Or detailed hands-on experience is required? Thanks!
    1. That should be enough (and no, you don't need any hands-on experience).

      Thanks for the question - added the "Prerequisite Knowledge" section to the webinar description.
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