See You in Bern on September 16th

TL;DR: Gabi Gerber from Data Center Interest Group Switzerland (DIGS) is organizing a day-long Data Center event on September 16th, and invited me (again) as the keynote speaker. Do drop by to discuss data center design and automation challenges.

This year Gabi also engaged me in the event organization – I went through most vendor presentations, and found many of them to be interesting and down-to-earth.

Not unexpectedly, I also had to tell a few of them to replace high-level marketing with real-life challenges, concepts and solutions – let’s see what the results will be.

The vendors participating in the event include A10, Akamai, Arista (it seems I’ll meet my good friend John Peach again), Cisco, Corero Network Security, EMC, F5, Infoblox, Juniper Networks (Tom Ruban is a great speaker), Palo Alto Networks (Christer Swartz is awesome – listen to the podcast we did a while ago), Radware (with a nice presentation on DDoS and botnet landscape), Swisscom, Veeam, VMware, and a number of smaller companies, including ID Quantique talking about the long-term implications of quantum computing on cryptography (and why you should care about them today).

If you’re anywhere close to Switzerland, you (RFC 2119) SHOULD come to this event – if nothing else, you’ll see which vendors understand the problems you might have in your data center (and are thus worth engaging).

Finally, I hope to be able to meet you in real life in Bern (but you do have to register first).

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