Palo Alto Virtual Firewalls on Software Gone Wild

One of the interesting challenges in the Software-Defined Data Center world is the integration of network and security services with the compute infrastructure and network virtualization. Palo Alto claims to have tightly integrated their firewalls with VMware NSX and numerous cloud orchestration platforms - it was time to figure out how that’s done, so we decided to go on a field trip into the scary world of security.

In the Episode 18 of Software Gone Wild Christer Swartz, an old networking guru currently working for Palo Alto Networks, explains how the SDDC firewall integration really works, from basic assumptions and setup to interesting hacks like replacing router plugin in OpenStack and VM-NIC-level service insertion in VMware NSX.

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  1. Where can the evalution version of the Palo Alto VM be downloaded from?
    In the show it is said thay you can test it for 2 months.


  2. Just go to to contact your local Palo Alto sales team and they can provide it for you.
  3. I've been trying to get an eval distribution for the last 2 months. It's an eluding goal to say the least.
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