How big is a big private cloud?

During the UCS Director Overview Packet Pushers Podcast I listened to recently the participants started discussing the use cases and someone mentioned that UCS Director might not be applicable for small shops with only a few thousand VMs. Let's put that in perspective.

I was discussing a private cloud project with a large enterprise and they were talking about a few hundred servers they planned to move into a private cloud.

Another one of my customers is a global financial organization and their target deployment size is less than 10.000 virtual machines.

Anecdata seems to suggest large enterprises with tens of thousands of employees need a few thousand VMs at most (unless they're deploying VDI).

Now, if a few thousand VMs is a small shop, who is a large shop? How big are your private cloud deployments?


  1. And once you work out the density, that 10k VM's can probably be done in less than 20 racks of systems, plus say half again in networking & storage.

    That's a medium sized cage in many US facilities
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