Public Cloud Networking Hands-On Exercises

I got this request from someone who just missed the opportunity to buy the subscription (or so he claims) earlier today

I am inspired to learn AWS advanced networking concepts and came across your website and webinar resources. But I cannot access it.

That is not exactly true. I wrote more than 4000 blog posts in the past, and some of them dealt with public cloud networking. There are also the free videos, some of them addressing public cloud networking.

However, while the AWS and Azure documentation is reasonably good, I understand it’s hard to learn a complex topic entirely on your own. That’s why I made the hands-on exercises I used in the Networking in Public Cloud online course publicly available. They’re on GitHub, so please feel free to submit a Pull Request to improve them or add new ones.

Use those exercises as guidance, and explore AWS documentation (which is pretty good) and their training materials to figure out how to solve them. I also published tons of examples you can explore in case you get stuck. I wish you good luck in your “mastering the cloud” journey!

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