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Busting Layer-2 Data Center Interconnect Myths

A few weeks ago I delivered a short L2 DCI WebEx presentation to CCIE Club Poland. I took the L2 part of my Data Center Interconnect webinar and added 15 minutes of L2 DCI mythbusting (yes, it took me that long to explain what @reillyusa summarized in a single tweet). Here’s that part of the presentation; for the rest, buy a recording of my Data Center Interconnect webinar (it contains much more than just L2 DCI).

For more details on individual myths, read the following blog posts:

Last but definitely not least (trying not to be totally negative), there is a good use case for L2 DCI – running SNA over OTV, because DLSw cannot run @ 10Gb speeds available with the new OSA-Express adapters.

If you’re running a local CCIE club and would like to have a short WebEx presentation for your member, get in touch. We just might figure out something.

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