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DMVPN design success story

Warning: totally shameless plug ahead. You might want to stop reading right now.

Every now and then one of the engineers listening to my webinars shares a nice success story with me. One of them wrote:

I'm doing a DMVPN deployment and Cisco design docs just don’t cover dual ISPs for the spokes hence I thought I give your webinars/configs a try.

... and a bit later (after going through the configs that you get with the DMVPN webinar):

I have been testing the 2 VRF 2 ISP solution today, very cool, never thought of using vrfs to get round the 2 ISP issue. I was looking at using a loopback for the tunnel source and doing IP SLAs to change gateway upon ISP failure but the VRF method is a lot cleaner.

But there was another problem to be solved:

Furthermore my scenario for a customer is such that they need local internet breakout so today been experimenting with modifying your scripts by simply adding a default route on the global table to serial 1/0 and using "ip nat enable".

As it happens, the local Internet breakout with VRFs (including inter-VRF NAT) is thoroughly covered in the Enterprise MPLS VPN Deployment webinar (yet again, you get tested router configs with the materials). Two not-so-very-trivial design problems solved for less than $80 ;)

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1 comment:

  1. As an interesting FYI, sourcing DMVPN tunnels from loopbacks is unsupported (and frankly doesn't function too well) unless CEF is globally disabled on the box. I hit this issue earlier in the year and wanted to share that with the group; the bug is detailed by bug CSCtn81575.

    It's probably a good thing this administrator saw your webinars first, as he would be left with no other choice than it utilize the VRFs.


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