Feedback: DMVPN Webinars

Some webinars on are ancient (= more than a decade old). I’m refreshing some of them (the overhaul of Introduction to Virtualized Networking was completed earlier this month); others will stay as they are because the technology hasn’t changed in a long while, and it’s always nice to hear someone still finds them useful. This is a recent feedback I got on the DMVPN webinars:

As with any other webinar I have viewed on, this one provides the background as to why you may or may not want to do certain things and what impact that may have (positive or negative) on your network. Then it digs into the how of actually doing something. Brilliant content as always. is my go-to for deep dives on existing and emerging technologies in the networking industry. No unnecessary preamble. Gets straight to the point of why you are looking at a specific technology and explains the what and the why before getting into the how.

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