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Sample Ansible Networking Playbooks on Github

I spent the last week creating numerous scenarios using Ansible networking modules for my upcoming Network Automation workshop. The scenarios use Cisco IOS and Nexus OS modules as I used VIRL for network simulation, but you could easily adapt them to other networking devices.

All the scenarios I’m covering in the workshop are available in my Github repository; to get the them explained you’ll have to attend the workshop. Enjoy!

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Update#1: Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Designs

I somewhat expected that the leaf-and-spine fabrics designs webinar won’t be as short as I initially planned it to be, but when I started developing the scenarios and talking with guest speakers the whole thing exploded into a four-session saga (or maybe we’ll end up with the fifth session of a four-part trilogy).

Here’s a short update on what’s planned and where we are at the moment:

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VLANs and Failure Domains Revisited

My friend Christoph Jaggi, the author of fantastic Metro Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet Encryptors documents, sent me this question when we were discussing the Data Center Fabrics Overview workshop I’ll run in Zurich in a few weeks:

When you are talking about large-scale VLAN-based fabrics I assume that you are pointing towards highly populated VLANs, such as VLANs containing 1000+ Ethernet addresses. Could you provide a tipping point between reasonably-sized VLANs and large-scale VLANs?

It's not the number of hosts in the VLAN but the span of a bridging domain (VLAN or otherwise).

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What They Said: vSphere 6 Networking Deep Dive

One of the engineers watching the vSphere 6 Networking Deep Dive found it particularly useful:

There were pearls of knowledge in there which expanded my understanding of ESX and gave me more than a few "aha!" moments […] The course is worth the money and time for sections "uplink redundancy & load balancing" and "VLAN based virtual networks" alone.

Not convinced? Check out other reviews and survey results.

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Upcoming Event: Network Automation Workshop

I spent most of last year developing SDN-related content, resulting in pretty successful 2-day workshop and 20+ hours of online content. However, I fully agree with Matt Oswalt that network automation matters even more than lofty centralized ideas, so it was time to focus on that area.

As always, the easiest way to push yourself is to commit to a deadline, so I agreed to do a network automation workshop during the Troopers 16 event. Here’s what it will cover:

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So What Exactly Is SDN?

Five years after the SDN hype exploded, it remains as meaningless as Cloud, and it seems that all we’re left with is a plethora of vendors engaged in SDN-washing their products.

Even when a group of highly intelligent engineers considering these topics on a daily basis gets together they don’t get very far apart from a great question: “what business problem is it supposed to solve?” (or maybe they got distracted by irrelevant hot-air opinions).

Is it still worth trying to find a useful definition of SDN? It seems it’s easier to list what SDN is not like I’ll be doing in the free Introduction to SDN webinar on February 10th. Let’s see:

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Upcoming Events: Data Center Fabrics Workshop in Zurich

Online webinars are great, but many engineers still prefer live workshops – they’re an excellent opportunity for unrestricted 2-way communication and exchange of ideas – so I decided to turn a few of my best webinars (or webinar tracks) into workshops, and Gabi Gerber, the wonderful organizer of Data Center days in Switzerland took over the logistics, resulting in the first-ever Data Center Fabrics workshop in Zurich in late March.

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Upcoming Events: Troopers 2016

Last autumn’s SDN roadtrip left me totally exhausted – at the moment it’s so bad that I can’t push myself to work on non-urgent things – but there are some conferences are that so awesome that I wouldn’t skip them no matter what.

Troopers 16 (March 14th – 18th in Heidelberg, Germany) is a must-go-to security conference. Past events were fantastic, and when Enno Rey asked me what I’d like to talk about this year it wasn’t hard to come up with three interesting topics:

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A Quick Look Back: Webinars in 2015

As you know I always promise my loyal subscribers at least 6 new webinars per year. Well, 2015 was a bit more fruitful. Let’s start with the easy ones:

However, I spent most of my time developing the SDN and network automation curriculum:

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