Featured Webinar: Leaf-and-Spine Designs

The featured webinar in March 2016 is the Leaf-and-Spine Designs update to the Leaf-and-Spine Fabrics webinar, and in the featured videos (the ones marked with a star) you'll find in-depth explanation of BGP features available in Cumulus Linux, including a cool trick that allows you to run EBGP sessions across unnumbered interfaces.

Obviously you can view the whole webinar if you bought its recording in the past (yes, once you buy a webinar, you get access to all the updates), or if you’re a subscriber.

In March 2016 you can also view the featured videos if you have a trial subscription, and if you decide to get access to the whole webinar (including recordings from the upcoming sessions with Dinesh Dutt, Kulin Shah and Lukas Krattiger) after watching the videos, use this month's featured webinar discount (and keep in mind that every purchase counts against the full subscription price).

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