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Updates: AWS Networking

It didn’t make sense to update Amazon Web Services Networking webinar before the re:Invent conference – even though AWS introduced only a few networking features during the conference, at least one of them made a significant impact on the materials.

However, once the conference was over, I went over the to-do list that has been slowly accumulating for months and spent days updating over a dozen videos1. The major changes include:

  • An overview of IPv6 support in AWS networking services
  • IPv6-only VPC subnets and EC2 instances
  • Multiple IPv6 CIDR blocks per VPC
  • Multiple default gateway router IPv6 addresses
  • Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) Express and SRD
  • NAT64 in NAT Gateway and DNS64 in Route 53
  • Intra-region peering of AWS Transit Gateways
  • ALB and NLB minimum healthy targets
  • Zonal ALB target groups

You’ll find more details in the New AWS Services and Features document (you’ll need at least the Free Subscription to access it).

  1. While rediscovering why I never wanted to be a Project Manager ;) ↩︎

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