Updates: AWS Networking

It didn’t make sense to update Amazon Web Services Networking webinar before the re:Invent conference – even though AWS introduced only a few networking features during the conference, at least one of them made a significant impact on the materials.

However, once the conference was over, I went over the to-do list that has been slowly accumulating for months and spent days updating over a dozen videos1. The major changes include:

  • An overview of IPv6 support in AWS networking services
  • IPv6-only VPC subnets and EC2 instances
  • Multiple IPv6 CIDR blocks per VPC
  • Multiple default gateway router IPv6 addresses
  • Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) Express and SRD
  • NAT64 in NAT Gateway and DNS64 in Route 53
  • Intra-region peering of AWS Transit Gateways
  • ALB and NLB minimum healthy targets
  • Zonal ALB target groups

You’ll find more details in the New AWS Services and Features document (you’ll need at least the Free ipSpace.net Subscription to access it).

  1. While rediscovering why I never wanted to be a Project Manager ;) ↩︎

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