Worth Reading: Operators and the IETF

Long long time ago (seven years to be precise), ISOC naively tried to bridge the gap between network operators and Internet Vendor Engineering Task Force1. They started with a widespread survey asking operators why they’re hesitant to participate in IETF mailing lists and meetings.

The result: Operators and the IETF draft that never moved beyond -00 version. A quick glimpse into the Potential Challenges will tell you why IETF preferred to kill the messenger (and why I published this blog post on Halloween).

BTW, couldn’t resist pointing out this gem that ties nicely with recent DHCPv6 blog posts (and no, it wasn’t me):

I do not feel that the IETF is responsive to the needs and requirements of those delivering services. The responses to the IPv6 DHCP enterprise requirements are an example of the disconnection in the IETF. Many times I have read or participated in discussions on different mailing lists about many of the topics and the final item pushed out by people in the IETF has been “you’re stupid and an idiot and we’re going to do it my way”. I can get that at home with my teenager.



  1. Not so for routing area, especially in routing protocols, where at least 2 inter working implementations mandatory for the documents to progress.

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