Multipath TCP on Software Gone Wild

I mentioned Multipath TCP (MP-TCP) numerous times in the past but I never managed to get beyond “this is the thing that might solve some TCP multihoming challenges” We fixed this omission in Episode 100 of Software Gone Wild with Christoph Paasch (software engineer @ Apple) and Mat Martineau from Open Source Technology Center @ Intel.

We started with the basics: what is MP-TCP, why should we care, and how it’s used in end-user devices. Next step: how can we use MP-TCP stack available in user devices like iPhone and connect to a Linux server with MP-TCP… and once we got to the servers, the obvious question was “can we use MP-TCP to get rid of MLAG?” After that, we started exploring the usual rabbit trails, and you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out where they led us ;).

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