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Zen of Routing Protocols

Inspired by The Zen of Python, Dinesh Dutt wrote The Zen of Routing Protocols:

Beautiful is better than ugly.

Simple is better than complex.

Complex is better than complicated.

So just because you can, don't.

One is better than many.

Unnumbered is better than numbered.

Readability counts.

Although practicality beats purity,

Automation should never be ignored.

An unused knob is sometimes better than a used.

Good enough network lasts longer than perfect.

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  1. Serviceability and predictability counts
  2. Availability above all
    Dynamic is better than static
    Perfect networks are beautiful
    1. Working is better than perfect ;-)
  3. Some fun to join the party:
    Asymmetric is symmetric
    Cost is in the eye of the receiver
    Loops are forsaken
    Options can be awaken
  4. Bandwidth is cheaper than QoS
    Repeatability prevents avalanches
  5. Stop depending upon vendors and master the art yourself (Be the incharge of your own Network)
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