1. Hi Ivan
    The podcast Ethernet History on Software Gone Wild from 28OCT17 took me down lovely trip down memory lane for the 80s and 90’s. I used to work with IEEE 802.4 systems as part of Industrial Automation, for a company called MODICON (later they merged with Schneider Automation) back in the day, with something called Modbus Plus. I have even been able to find a manual from 2004 hxxp://www.bh-automation.com/Download/Resources/ModBus-Plus-Planning-And-Installation-Guide.pdf and another one from 2012 hyyp://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_Reference=1755869&p_EnDocType=User%20guide&p_File_Id=27613538&p_File_Name=ATV71_Modbus_plus_EN_1755869_03.pdf . While there we also used a multi-drop coaxial based “networking systems” for remote I/O drops system based on a 1.544 Mbit/s Manchester encoded “backbone”.

    In the early days with my first foray into Ethernet Networking in the 90’s I even remember multiport 10base2 Hubs like these http://ethercom.com/products/hubs-repeaters/ec200-ec400-ec800-series/ (but I think they came from 3Com) when deploying computers in schools.

    Ahh, the crazy days of an engineer’s youth. BR David Shephard
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