PRTG Monitoring Software Now Available in Cloud Version

One of the more interesting presentations we had during Tech Field Day Extra @ Cisco Live Berlin was coming from Paessler, a company developing PRTG, a little-known network monitoring software.

More about PRTG in TFD videos and here, here, here and here.

Anyway, there’s a reason I’m writing about them: Paessler decided to do the right thing and started offering PRTG as a SaaS service running in Amazon cloud.

Right now, their cloud service is in beta and offers 10-day free trials, so if you’re looking for an alternate network monitoring/management tool it might be worth checking out.


  1. Interesting ... I haven't read all documentation regarding this yet, but I _guess_ it makes sense to use properly encrypted and authenticated protocols with this... SNMPv3 (authpriv) is a must (although the security of pre-shared keys is discussable).
    NetFlow is completely unencrypted and not authenticated. Does someone want to send this kind of data over an unsecured link.

    I didn't quite get the concept of "remote probes", which are installed on premise. In case these are capable to collect SNMP and NetFlow data, the situation from above would be solved. However, local probe installation would be still needed (own servers on premise).

    Just my thoughts on this without knowing the product in detail :)

    1. IMO, a local probe with some data buffering would be a good solution. Provide CPU, memory, and temp storage. It'd be cheap to run one of those and I think is a good example of how a cloud service that supports infrastructure can be reliable enough with some decent software design.
  2. PRTG:
    + "nice GUI"
    + bad performance. Try to poll 5000 interfaces with SNMPv3 each 10 seconds => PRTG isn´t able to do that, even on high end server.
  3. PRTG:
    + no support for SNMPv3 traps
  4. PRTG:
    + no alarm/log management
    + only, e.g. syslog "receiver"
  5. PRTG:
    + no auto map tool with CDP/LDP/whatever protocol
  6. PRTG:
    + it´s neither a "network monitoring" nor a "management tool"
    + It´s a kind of it service monitoring tool
  7. Talking about SNMP: You can snmpget values, but you cannot set anything.
  8. PRTG:
    - trial version is free 100 sensors. Just try it?
    - It doesn't do everything, but what is does it does well.
  9. It was interesting reading all the pros and cons. Do you think a cloud application can be considered 'secure'by any serious company?
    1. How many "serious" companies are using Office 365 for their internal docs and email, Box or DropBox to share data with their suppliers, AWS to run their marketing campaigns, SalesForce to manage their sales channel, or Google Apps for Business or ... and why do we still need to discuss this by the end of 2017?
    2. You're probably right about that for most applications. Yet I doubt governments or government agencies would use another country's company's cloud to store their classified data in it.
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