OpenConfig: From Basics to Implementations

In 2013, large-scale cloud providers and ISPs decided they had enough of the glacial IETF process of generating YANG models used to describe device configuration and started OpenConfig – a customer-only initiative that quickly created data models covering typical use cases of the founding members (aka “What Does Google Need”).

In the meantime, OpenConfig became a reality proving that voting with your wallet works if you’re big enough. OpenConfig is implemented in IOS XR and Junos and will most probably be implemented by other vendors as well. Is it useful for smaller-scale network operators, should they care, and how could they use it? These are just some of the topics I discussed with Marcel Wiget in Episode 72 of Software Gone Wild.


  1. In my new capacity (IAB member) I have started number of initiatives to facilitate better alignment between IETF and OC.
    POSIX vs XSD regexp dialects as the first item, more to come. Will be updating you from time to time
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