Survey on IXP Routing and Privacy

Marco Canini from UC Louvain is working on an IXP research project focused on bringing privacy guarantees into Internet routing context. They’re trying to understand the privacy considerations of network operators and have created a short survey to gather the initial data.

Researchers from UC Louvain have been involved in tons of really useful projects including BGP PIC, LFA, MP-TCP, Fibbing, Software-defined IXP and flow-based load balancing, so if you’re connected to an IXP, please take your time and fill in the survey.


  1. Preamble: I have filled the survey.

    In my opinion that paper is full of wrong assumptions:
    1. "Despite the fact that such a RS service eases the management of BGP sessions and facilitates peering, its usage is not widespread"
    That is not true, most (if not all) the IXPs that i am aware of have RSs and many of the participants connect to them.

    2. "One of the main barriers is that the export policy of each member must be revealed to the IXP in order to correctly forward the BGP announcements."
    There are tons of tools that can tell you who is announcing what and where.
    Privacy is not really an issue.

    Most of the times you don't want to peer with the RS because that would cost you money. Either because you hope to be paid for peer/transit by the other peers or because peering will affect your ratio with the tier1/large-eyeball of choice

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