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How Hard Is It to Think about Failures?

Mr. A. Anonymous, frequent contributor to my blog posts left this bit of wisdom comment on the VMware NSX Update blog post:

I don't understand the statement that "whole NSX domain remains a single failure domain" because the 3 NSX controllers are deployed in the site with primary NSX manager.

I admit I was a bit imprecise (wasn’t the first time), but is it really that hard to ask oneself “what happens if the DCI link fails?

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x86-Based Switching at Ludicrous Speed on Software Gone Wild

Imagine you want to have an IPv6-only access network and transport residual IPv4 traffic tunneled across it. Sounds great, but you need to terminate those tunnels and encapsulate/decapsulate IPv4 traffic at multi-gigabit rate.

There are plenty of reassuringly-expensive hardware solutions that can do that, or you could work with really smart people and get software-based solution that can do 20 Gbps per CPU core.

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Table Sizes in OpenFlow Switches

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Usman asked a few questions in his comment on my blog, including:

At the moment, local RIB gets downloaded to FIB and we get packet forwarding on a router. If we start evaluating too many fields (PBR) and (assume) are able to push these policies to the FIB - what would become of the FIB table size?

Short answer: It would explode ;)

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How Realistic Is High-Density Virtualization?

A while ago I guestimated that most private clouds don’t have more than a few thousand VMs, and that they don’t need more bandwidth than what two ToR switches could provide.

Last autumn Iwan Rahabok published a blog post describing the compute- and storage parts of it, and I had a presentation describing the networking aspects of high-density consolidation. However…

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Data Center Fabrics and SDN

A few days ago Inside-IT published an interview Christoph Jaggi did with me. In case you don’t understand German, here’s the English version of it.

There is a lot of talk about data center fabrics. What problem do they try to solve?

The data center fabrics are supposed to solve a simple-to-define problem: building a unified data center infrastructure that seamlessly supports data and storage communications. As always, the devil hides in the details.

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You Want Your Network to Be like Google’s? Really?

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During one of my SDN workshops one of the attendees working for a mid-sized European ISP asked me this question:

Our management tells us we should build our network like Google does, including building our own switches. Where should we start?

The only answer I could give him was “You don’t have a chance.

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