Presentation: All You Need Are Two Switches

I was asked to present a data-center-related talk last week and decided to focus on one of my favorite topics: because most people don’t have more than a few hundred servers in their data center, they don’t need more than two switches (or a rack of servers).

Not surprisingly, an equipment reseller sitting in the room was not amused.

The video and the slide deck are already online, but there’s a minor challenge: the whole event was in Slovenian ;) However, I plan to record the same topic in English once my SDN travels stop.


  1. How about haproxy for a virtualized load balancer? I know you have a small post about it but I would like to have your opinion about it and why it should be avoided or if instead it could be a good choice.

    Thank you.
  2. When you step out of the SP world and in to the enterprise world you get a sense of what the true technology requirements are for the enterprise. One of the first things you notice is how most enterprises have been disgustingly oversold by the SP's, hardware providers, and VARs. The enterprise never wants to admit they were oversold and the SP/VAR would never admit to the opposite; so we're left with very few people out there who actually care about good design & efficiency. It's easy to spot the ones who care because they outperform everyone else by light years (Amazon, Google, etc)
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