Must Read: IPv6 at Swisscom

While some people lament the lack of IPv6 business case, others are busy rolling it out – you (RFC 2119) SHOULD check out the Status of Swisscom’s IPv6 Activities presentation from recent Swiss IPv6 summit.

  • 67% of their customers are dual-stacked;
  • More than 20% of all the traffic is already IPv6 (with Google sourcing 60% of IPv6 traffic);
  • They launched IPv6-only LTE mobile infrastructure;
  • With the Internet traffic doubling every 2 years, they expect the peak of IPv4 traffic in 2020, peak of CG-NAT traffic in 2021, and no more IPv4 traffic after 2024.

Obviously you could ignore all that (after all, it’s just a presentation from an small European country) and stay stuck at the first stage of IPv6 grief (denial).

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