1. Hello, Ivan.

    Do you have any estimations regarding the number of BGP peers (spokes) per Hub?

    Some years ago our company designed DMVPN with BGP, but Cisco experts put a veto, because of number of peers we were expecting.
    We had to go into production with EIGRP that time.

    1. Cisco Live presentations claim BGP scales way better than EIGRP. Look at https://www.ciscolive365.com/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=7929
  2. Is the use of BGP (whether iBGP or eBGP) over DMVPN still feasible when you peer with your provider using BGP for WAN routing?

    It lends itself easily to address families/VRFs but the only way I could control my own AS numbers was with the replace-as function which feels dirty.
    1. If you use BGP for Internet access or MPLS/VPN then you hopefully have different AS number on each site, so it's easy to reuse them for DMVPN (where it's best to use EBGP anyway).

      You might need a transport VRF though.
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