Designing Scalable Web Applications: Introduction

My regular readers probably know that I’m running a 4-month course in scalable web application design at University of Ljubljana (everyone else will find more details here). I was extremely surprised when we started – I’d expected to see about a dozen students, and suddenly realized I was standing in front of a totally crowded classroom. The next amazing surprise was the students’ level of motivation, commitment, knowledge, and the quality of their questions. It’s definitely fun to have an audience like that.

I promised I’d try to publish as many presentations as possible (the live recordings didn’t work out). The first presentation is already available on Scribd; it covers introductory topics from “start with a solution for someone’s needs, not cool technology” to “what tools shall we use?”

Please don’t get annoyed by all the ads on Scribd. They are theirs, not mine ... and they are a perfect reason why my presentations won’t stay there for long (but I have to spend some more quality coding time first).

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