Yearly subscription to my webinars

A while ago I got an interesting challenge from one of my readers: “I would like to attend a few of your webinars, but the problem I have is that I’m interested in most of them. Is there something we can do?” After a few e-mails, we nailed down the concept I had been playing with for quite a while: yearly subscription package. It gives you three unlimited access to all live webinars and year-long access to all the materials and all the recordings I ever made for a fixed price. You can find a detailed description, list of all recordings and list of all available materials on my web site.

Buying the yearly subscription is easy: select the first webinar you’re interested in (the list of upcoming webinars is also on my web site) and buy the Yearly subscription ticket when registering; you can also buy directly from my web site. You’ll get access to the recordings and PDF materials a few minutes after the registration.


  1. IMO the term "yearly subscription" generally means that it includes everything produced that year. As this deal is for three webinars I'd suggest a calling it a "three pack" or something else indicating of that it's a package of three webinars of the purchasers choice.

    Just my 2 cents.
  2. Thanks for the comment! It could indeed be confusing.

    When choosing the name, I decided to use the "yearly subscription" because you have access to all of my materials for a year. Any better suggestion?
  3. You could call it a triple play powerpack.... ;).
  4. Now that sounds like a Verizon promotion...
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