NAT444, DS-Lite, A+P and NAT64 explained

One of the biggest hurdles Internet Service Providers will face in the near future is access to legacy IPv4 content once we run out of globally routable IPv4 addresses. Although it’s easy to offer your content over IPv6 (assuming you have a properly designed network using load balancers from a company that understands the need for IPv6 in Data Center), a lot of the “long tail” content will remain reachable only over IPv4.

A while ago I’ve published a presentation I’d delivered at the Slovenian IPv6 summit; a few days ago has published my article describing various transition solutions in more details. In the first part, “IPv4 address exhaustion: Making the IPv6 transition work”, I’m describing the grim facts we’re facing and the NAT-PT fiasco. In the second part, “Comparing IPv6 to IPv4 address translation solutions”, you’ll find brief descriptions of LSN (also known as CGN – Carrier-Grade NAT), NAT444, DS-Lite, A+P and NAT64.


  1. Ivan,
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  2. Ouch. Another bug in my Word-to-HTML XSLT. Link fixed, thanks for the feedback!
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