The thrills of TRILL

Tired of losing half of your bandwidth to spanning tree? TRILL will solve all your problems, bring the world peace and make better coffee than Starbucks (hint: the second claim is fake and the third one is not so hard to achieve).

Undoubtedly TRILL is an interesting technology that can alleviate the spanning tree limitations. Unfortunately I’ve seen a very similar technology being heavily misused in the past (resulting in some fantastic failures) and remain skeptical about the deployment of TRILL. My worst case scenario: TRILL will make it too simple to deploy plug-and-pray bridged (vendors will call them “switched”) networks with no underlying design that will grow beyond control and implode.

Greg Ferro has kindly invited me to be a guest author on his excellent blog and I simply had to spill my thoughts on TRILL in the TRILL: It’s a DéJà-Vu All Over Again article after they’ve been discussing it during one of the Packet Pushers podcast.


  1. I was reading somewhere on net that TRILL is nothing but a advanced version of VPLS.

    Shivlu Jain
  2. Completely wrong, even at a conceptual level.
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