OSPF Router ID Selection Trivia

True or false: If you have an (enabled) loopback interface configured on the router, its IP address will always be used as the OSPF router ID.

Answer: False. Each OSPF process running on the router needs a unique Router ID. If you have a single loopback interface and two OSPF processes, the second OSPF process is forced to select another interface address as its router ID.

Here is a sample router printout:

Test#show running | inc ^interface|^ ip address
interface Loopback0
 ip address
interface FastEthernet0/0
 ip address
Test#show ip ospf | inc Routing Process
 Routing Process "ospf 2" with ID
 Routing Process "ospf 1" with ID


  1. You also have a nice explanation here:


  2. In case of single OSPF process when you configure Loopback after OSPF, OSPF will use IP from any "live" interface.
  3. now i got ur point , thanks Ivan -:)
  4. thanks ivan for great input.

    shivlu jain
  5. selection of router-id for single ospf process:
    1) router-id command
    2) ip address of loopback interface (higher address in case of more that one loopback)
    3) ip address of interface wiht higher ip address
  6. Does the router ID have to be an IP that's assigned to an interface? If we used does there have to be an interface with that IP assigned to it?
  7. No, the OSPF router-ID is a 32-bit quantity that has to be unique throughout the OSPF domain. Cisco has long tied it to an active interface, but you can configure it manually with the "router-id" configuration command.
  8. how to hint sopf router properly plea hint aboute
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