netlab 1.7.0: Lab Validation, Fabrics, BGP Nerd Knobs

It’s been a while since the last netlab release. Most of that time was spent refactoring stuff that you don’t care about, but you might like these features:

As always, we also improved the platform support:

  • The --show option of the netlab connect command implements a consistent cross-device way of executing show commands. You might find it handy if you hate guessing whether to use vtysh or sudo vtysh with Cumulus and FRR containers.
  • vptx device supports the vJunosEvolved release 23.2R1-S1.8. Older vJunos Evolved releases no longer work
  • You can use bgp.session plugin to configure BFD, BGP timers, and passive BGP for Junos devices (vMX, vSRX, vPTX)
  • bgp.session plugin got AS-path manipulation, default route origination, TTL security, passive BGP peers, MD5 passwords, and BGP timers on Cisco NexusOS
  • MPLS LDP now works on Nokia SR Linux
  • Aruba AOS-CX supports L3VNI (you’ll need release 10.13 to make it work)
  • Default FRR release is 9.1.0


To get more details and learn about additional features included in release 1.7.0, read the release notes. To upgrade, execute pip3 install --upgrade networklab.

New to netlab? Start with the Getting Started document and the installation guide.

Need help? Open a discussion or an issue in netlab GitHub repository.

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