Worth Reading: Where Are the Self-Driving Cars?

Gary Marcus wrote an interesting essay describing the failure of self-driving cars to face the unknown unknowns. The following gem from his conclusions applies to AI in general:

In a different world, less driven by money, and more by a desire to build AI that we could trust, we might pause and ask a very specific question: have we discovered the right technology to address edge cases that pervade our messy really world? And if we haven’t, shouldn’t we stop hammering a square peg into a round hole, and shift our focus towards developing new methodologies for coping with the endless array of edge cases?

Obviously that’s not going to happen, we’ll keep throwing more GPU power at the problem trying to solve it by brute force.


  1. Duh. Anyway, we've already got "self-driving" cars since forever. It's called public transportation.

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