New Project: BGP Hands-On Labs

Long story short: I decided to create open-source BGP configuration labs, and (so far) created a superset of labs we used in an ancient Advanced BGP Configuration and Troubleshooting (ABCT) course

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  1. Really looking forward to this!

  2. Hi Ivan,

    I still have my ABCT course notes folder from around '97-98 when I took the course that at the time was presented by Kevin Swannell from MTS. Looking at the first page, I had handwritten the following:

    "ABCT is written by Ivan Pepelnjak ( - [email protected])"

    This is the course agenda from that first page:

    Day 1 - BGP basics - Simple BGP setup - Multihomed leaf AS

    Day 2 - Configuring transit AS - Managing large number of BGP neighbors

    Day 3 - Advanced BGP topics - Wrap-up

    The advanced BGP topics are further broken down as follows: - Local preference - MED - Communities

    There are also the following sections that are part of the course notes, but not listed in the contents above" - Advanced aggregation - Lab exercises - Lab solutions

    Let me know if you want any more detail - I have the whole course notes, so I can easily send you photos/scans of any of it.


    1. Wow. Now I'm REALLY impressed ;)

      Thanks a million for the rough agenda -- that's all I needed.

  3. Love this idea, cant wait till its finished! ^^

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