Worth Reading: Unbounded TCP Memory Usage

Another phenomenal detective story published on Cloudflare blog: Unbounded memory usage by TCP for receive buffers, and how we fixed it.

TL&DR: Moving TCP window every time you acknowledge a segment doesn’t work well with scaled window sizes.

The interesting takeaways:

  • People are still finding quirks in TCP
  • It takes an enormous amount of data to find the anomalies, and tons of experimentation to get to the root cause
  • The solution was explicitly documented in an RFC mandating it MUST be supported, it’s just that Linux didn’t use it.
  • Fixing such anomalies is unrewarding hard work, unless you’re working in an environment where due to its scale rare anomalies cost tons of money.

Corollary: Expect people to pursue an easier path to glory: invent another solution-in-search-of-a-problem while preaching how broken networking is.

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