Worth Reading: IPv6 Deployment Status

RFC 9386 documenting IPv6 deployment status in late 2022 has been published a few weeks ago1. It claims over a billion IPv6-capable users, and IPv6 deployment close to 50% in major countries.

Web content is a different story: while 40% of top-500 sites are IPv6-enabled, you can reach only ~20% of web sites over IPv6. Considering Cloudflare’s free proxying includes IPv6 that is enabled by default, that proves (once again) how slowly things change in IT.

Want to get IPv6 deployed but don’t know where to start? Check out ipSpace.net IPv6 webinars ;)

  1. Believe it or not, it takes IETF six months to publish a “snapshot of statistics” document. Even more incredible, the first draft of that document was published in October 2020. ↩︎

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