netlab Release 1.4.0: EVPN Asymmetric IRB, Anycast Gateways, VRRP

The big three features of the netlab release 1.4.0 are:

  • EVPN asymmetric IRB on Arista EOS, Cumulus Linux, Dell OS10, Nokia SR Linux, Nokia SR OS and VyOS
  • Anycast gateway on Arista EOS, Cumulus Linux, Nokia SR OS and Nokia SR Linux
  • VRRP on Arista EOS, Cisco IOSv/CSR, Cisco Nexus OS, Cumulus Linux and Nokia SR OS

We also added tons of new functionality, including:

We added a few nerd knobs for users who want to connect virtual lab devices with external devices (see External Connectivity for more details):

It’s easier to have a tight control on which VLANs and VRFs use VXLAN transport or EVPN control plane:

Finally, a few long-overdue items:

  • node_data is deprecated – you can specify node attributes directly in group data.
  • Strict validation of topology, node, group, VLAN, VRF, and addressing attributes (see also Breaking changes)
  • ‘Device quirks’ framework deals with implementation limitations of individual virtual network devices (example: Arista cEOS does not support MPLS transport)

Upgrading is as easy as ever: execute pip3 install --upgrade networklab.

New to netlab? Start with the Getting Started document and the installation guide.

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