New Webinar: Internet Routing Security

I’m always in a bit of a bind when I get an invitation to speak at a security conference (after all, I know just enough about security to make a fool of myself), but when the organizers of the DEEP Conference invited me to talk about Internet routing security I simply couldn’t resist – the topic is dear and near to my heart, and I planned to do a related webinar for a very long time.

Even better, that conference would have been my first on-site presentation since the COVID-19 craze started, and I love going to Dalmatia (where the conference is taking place). Alas, it was not meant to be – I came down with high fever just days before the conference and had to cancel the talk.

I’ll work with the wonderful conference organizers to have an online event for those attendees that might be interested in this topic. I also plan to add tons of details – the slot in the conference agenda is 45 minutes long, and you know I can always spend an hour or two on any interesting-enough topic – and have a live webinar session sometime during the winter.

The slides for the conference talk are already online (available with standard subscription) – you could review the slide deck and tell me which of the topics mentioned in it you find most interesting and what additional details you’d like to see.

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