netlab Release 1.3.1: BGP local-as, FRR and Cumulus Data Plane Enhancements

netlab release 1.3.1 contains major additions to FRR and Cumulus Linux, and new BGP features:

Here are some of the other goodies included in this release:

  • FRR support for IPv6 LLA (unnumbered) BGP sessions
  • New default container and VM versions: FRR 8.3.1, Cumulus Linux 4.4.0 (container), Cumulus Linux with NVUE 5.2.0 (VM)
  • Per-VRF BGP router ID implemented on Cisco IOS and Arista EOS
  • Select address pools with pool VLAN or link attribute (using role attribute to select an addressing pool is deprecated)
  • Add message attribute to lab topology to display a ‘this is how you use this lab’ help message after the lab is started and configured
  • Implement ‘startup configuration’ parameter for containerlab
  • Device configuration files can be created from netlab templates and mapped into containers. Currently used to start FRR daemons in FRR 8.3.1 container.
  • Add multiple debugging flags to debug just parts of the data transformation code

Finally, in the I shouldn’t be mentioning it, but here we go department:

  • BGP local-as can be used on some platforms to turn an EBGP session into an IBGP session.

New to netlab? Start with the Getting Started document and the installation guide.


  1. I wonder if the multi-hop BFD is on your radar. I just wanted to simulated a network with this feature enabled.

    Sadly I was not able to enable it manually on the Arista cEOS now and waiting for the Arista support comments on this issue.

    1. > I wonder if the multi-hop BFD is on your radar.

      Not at the moment. Would you use it for BGP next hops or something else?

      > Sadly I was not able to enable it manually on the Arista cEOS

      As we both know, cEOS is great as long as it works, and its focused more on control than on data plane. After that, just change the netlab provider to libvirt, and EOS will start in a VM (assuming you built the Vagrant box).

    2. I submitted a ticket to Arista, they confirmed that the Multi-Hop BFD should work on the cEOS... I hope they will share some configuration examples someday...;)

  2. Thank you again for the great work! I'm looking at building the labs at 6connect using netlab. I'm sure you know my colleague Jan, and he's the VP of Labs ;)

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