Worth Reading: On the Dangers of Cryptocurrencies...

Bruce Schneier wrote an article on the dangers of cryptocurrencies and the uselessness of blockchain, including this gem:

From its inception, this technology has been a solution in search of a problem and has now latched onto concepts such as financial inclusion and data transparency to justify its existence, despite far better solutions to these issues already in use.

Please feel free to tell me how he’s just another individual full of misguided opinions… after all, what does he know about crypto?


  1. An article to bridge the silly season? ;)
    Crypto currencies are just speculative bubbles to provide more evidence for the greater fool theory. Will be interesting to see how they react to more regulations (likely) to come. Maybe in the future there will be not much left to read about them.

    1. Few people understand.
      Crypto is the future.
      Bitcoin is a store of value.

      Have fun staying poor!

    2. I got down-voted to the ground, somewhere else this afternoon. For posting a joke about crypt. So let me give you this link here, just to be sure: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law

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